Learn About Interactive Books With QR Codes.

Typically, once your book is published you have no way to track readership or usage of your book. Until now. QR Codes (and short URLs) enable readers to access bonus content such as videos, podcasts, PDFs, your web site, your blog, your discussion forum or even a mailing list sign up form. This is bonus content that you can update and change as often as you like without modifying your published book. And it's as easy as filling out simple web form to set it up and change it over time.

Authr offers a QR Code (and short URL) service that can be used with any publisher.

How it works

  1. Create a book project with Authr
  2. Create any number of 'Resources'
         these are the files and links to your external supporting or bonus materials
  3. Download your Resources file (.xls) from Authr
         includes all your QR Codes, Short URLs with locations in your book
  4. Provide the Resources file (.xls) to your Layout Designer or Publisher.

When your book is being designed your designer will place the QR Codes and Short URLs throughout your book exactly where you defined when you created them.

Now whenever a reader scans with the Authr Book Link™ App (or any other QR Code reading app) a QR Code or clicks on a link in your book you can see how readers use your book, get direct feedback from your readers and potentially create a community of readers that you can tap into for your next book project.

It's really that easy and that powerful.

So how much does it cost to use Authr's QR Code service? It's included at no additional cost when you have an active subscription for your book project.

Are you a publisher? Authr can co-brand or private-label your very own Book Link QR Code reading app! Contact Us

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